Penny-Wise Pampering

We all like to be pampered from time to time.  I always look forward to my facials and massages and I try to book them as often as possible.  But I don’t want to break the bank doing so.  The average cost of a massage, facial or other body treatment can run you upwards of $100 an hour.  That’s no small change, especially if you are on a tight budget.  There are ways, however, to be pampered without the hefty price tag.  Consider the following ideas:

If you are really in need of a massage after a long day at work, consider going to a massage school for your service. You can get an hour long Swedish Massage or a Deep Tissue Massage for a fraction of the cost.  It’s a win-win for both you and the massage student.

Facials, waxing and manicures are other services that can be done for a discounted price at a reputable beauty school.  Usually these students are willing and eager to do an outstanding job, so they can establish relationships with future customers.  Why not give them them an opportunity to give you moisturizing facial, manicure or pedicure at a good price?

Does your nail salon also offer massages?  My nail salon does and the prices are about 20 to 50  bucks cheaper.  Plus, the massages are excellent!  It may be worth looking into.

Some day spas may offer you a discount or special price if you plan on purchasing several services at once.  So for instance, you may be able to negotiate a bundled, less expensive price for a manicure, facial and a massage during one visit.  It can’t hurt to ask. 🙂

Take advantage of spa week deals or e-coupons online.  Sometimes spas and hotels run special promotions if you register your services online.

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella


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One response to “Penny-Wise Pampering”

  1. princessnadielala says :

    Thanks for the tips! Very helpful I am definitely dying to have a massage!!!

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