Put on your holiday face :)

All this week, I will be featuring posts from guest blogger, Lisa Holland Morgan, owner of ABC Cosmetics by Lisa.  Lisa, a licensed cosmetologist and make-up artist with years of experience, will bring you insider tips and tricks that will leave you looking pleasingly pretty both day and night, without spending hours to do so.  Take advantage of this unique opportunity and feel free to ask Lisa any questions you may have about make-up application or anything related to make-up in general.


Create with a Clean Canvas

Consider your face as being a blank canvas…have you ever seen an artist begin a work of art over a dirty canvas? Then why would you dare apply makeup over an unclean face? I like to think of myself as a work of art, once my makeup is applied I then refer to myself as a “Masterpiece”. In order to have a flawless look, you must first start with a clean face. Be sure to remove any dirt, oil or makeup from your face daily. It is important to have a skin care regimen, nothing too complicated. Simply begin with a mild cleanser that removes dirt, oil and makeup. Rinse with lukewarm water until all residue is gone, then follow with a cool rinse to close open pores. Apply a moisturizer to your face and neck. I like to use a mild scrub once a week, to help rid my face of any dead skin cells. Doing so will allow your face to be smooth and eliminate blackheads and enlarged pores. I also like to wait 15 minutes after washing my face before starting my makeup application to avoid smearing or smudging due to perspiration.

ABC Cosmetics by Lisa



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