ABC Beauty Tricks and Treats!

Ever wonder how the stars always look so fab?  Think you can’t afford to look like a million bucks, without breaking the bank….sure you can!  Here are a few tips….
Concealer is only half the battle when trying to fix flaws.  To help perfect your complextion try lipstick in a warm pink.  It will distract the attention of others to your lips instead of drawing them to blemishes or other imperfections.  Try a red shade to help in making the teeth appear whiter!
Need to fix a bad brow arching job! Using brow filler for immediate help.  And begin using a protein enriched brow gel to stimulate healthy hair growth.
Rough Night!
Please don’t pour on tons of foundation….try using a tinted moisturizer instead, followed by a beige or neutral eye pencil and neutral eye shadow.  These will counteract any redness in and around your eyes.
 Full Lips….
Go for a glossy look….use a concealer brush dipped in bronzer two shades deeper than your skin tone(this will minimize the visibility of your natural lip line).  Then apply gold, peach or coral gloss to your pout.
Hope these tips help….Remember…ALWAYS BE CUTE!
ABC Cosmetics by Lisa

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