A Homemade Herbal Bath

So…I have been out of pocket for the past week.  But I have a GREAT excuse.  I was in St. Thomas for a friend’s wedding.  I got some relaxation, A LOT of sun and of course some pampering.  Which leads me to today’s post.  While in St. Thomas, I got treated to a wonderful, therapeutic herbal bath at one of the local spas.  It was calming, soothing and left my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. I realize that not everyone can fly to St. Thomas for a nice, herbal bath.  But the good thing is, you can treat yourself to one right in the comfort of your own home.  Here’s an idea from www.care2.com:

Making herbal baths is as easy as making a cup of herbal tea. First you need an infusion bag. A piece of muslin or cheesecloth works well. Place the herbs inside the center and tie the cloth together tightly with a length of string. Place the infusion bag in a bowl or large mug and pour in boiling water. Steep the brew for at least 10-15 minutes. (Basically you are steeping tea and then adding it to your bath.)

Use a combination of the following herbs—about ½ to 1 cup of each herb:

• Dried mint

• Dried lavender

• Dried chamomile

• Dried rosemary

• Dried rose petals

Here are a few ideas from me:  Add powdered milk as a moisturizer.  Or you can add two tablespoons of olive, almond,sunflower or coconut oil to seal in the moisture even more.

So…light a few candles, put on some soft, soothing music and take a steamy, hot herbal bath.  It will be the perfect weekend to do it!

Pamper Wisely,

Shani Blount


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