Gel Nail Polish: Too Good To Be True?

There is nothing worse than getting a manicure on Thursday and having the nail polish chip by Saturday.  That’s why I get gel nail polish because it lasts up to two, sometimes three weeks. Yes, the process is longer than your traditional manicure.  But to me, it’s worth it.   Now, two thirds of nail salons offer gel nail polish.  The sales pitch is that it provides the long lasting shine of an acrylic but without the damage.  But like all new products, there are some good AND bad points about gel nail polish.  First let’s start with the bad news:


Manicures that use gel nail polish (like Jellish or Shellac) cost a lot more than your traditional manicures.  Prepare to pay anywhere between 35 to 40 bucks for a gel manicure, whereas a regular one may only cost you about half as much.

The removal of gel polish can take you at least 30 minutes.  You have to soak or saturate your nails in acetone nail polish and then have the polish chipped away with a nail file.  This can weaken or destroy your nail beds if not done properly.

Ultra Violet or UV Nail Dryers are required to set gel nail polish.  You will have to use the UV dryers between each coat and at the end of the application to set the gel.  See my previous post to see the possible risks associated with UV Nail Dryers.


The wonderful thing about gel nail polish is that it lasts up to 2 or 3 weeks with no chipping.  To me, this makes the hefty price tag worth it.

Although you have to use a UV nail dryer to set your gel polish, the good thing is once they are dry, they are dry.  No need to walk around with your fingers spread apart as you leave the salon.  Once you leave, your gel polish is COMPLETELY dry, no smudges, smears or dents.

Gel polish is applied over your natural nails. It provides protection from average wear and tear and helps them grow.  Also, if you want to change your color a week later, you can layer a new gel polish over your old polish.

So, what’s the right option for you?  If you have some experience with gel nail polish, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella


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2 responses to “Gel Nail Polish: Too Good To Be True?”

  1. lalalinee says :

    i just talked about gels in my latest blog. I love the staying power and the fact that you can apply nail polish colour and remove it with a simple nail polish remover and still have the gels there. You’re right though, it’s a pain to get off.

  2. DEM says :

    I recently had my nails done three times with gel polish at the salon. I am a long time nail biter and this process has given me the impetus to stop biting my nails because they look so nice for so long and it gives my thin nails extra strength and they are actually growing! I just ordered a home kit so I can start doing it myself!

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