Spring Time Spruce Up

Odds are, you have spent the last three or four months bundled up in scarves, sweaters and itchy, wool clothing.  They may have kept you warm but your skin definitely needs a breather.  The cold, dry air and itchy, thick clothing can leave your skin feeling dry and tight.  Now that the weather is breaking, the remedy your skin needs right now is moisture.  This the perfect time to spruce up your dry skin for spring time.  Your sandals, short skirts and sexy short sleeve blouses are waiting.  Prep your dry skin with these tips…right in time for spring.

  1. Avoid skin care products that contain alcohol, which robs your skin of any kind of moisture.  Also, keep your alcoholic and caffeinated beverages down to a minimum.  Now is the time to build up your water intake.  Add cucumbers or lemon wedges to your water to pump up the flavor.
  2.  Instead of alcohol, reach for rich and creamy skin care products that contain emollients such as glycerin, olive and coconut oils.  Products containing aloe and oatmeal are perfect for hydrating face masks.
  3.  A humidifier is a wonderful tool to combat your dry skin.  Place one in your bedroom while you sleep at night.  Also, plump up your diet with healthy essential fatty acids such as walnuts, salmon, flaxseed and avocados.  Taking a flaxseed-oil supplement is also great dea.

Got any good ideas to help heal your dry skin?  Feel free to share!

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella


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