Yogurt: Beauty in a cup

I love the taste of yogurt.  I usually enjoy a cup of it for breakfast at least three times every week.  Yogurt is chock full of vitamins, proteins and calcium which are all great for your bones, hair and nails. But even if you can’t get into the taste of yogurt, you can still take advantage of its benefits.  Yogurt is not only good for your body, it’s also good for your skin, face and hair.  Got dry skin or an itchy scalp?  Are you looking for an inexpensive way to brighten and exfoliate your complexion? Believe it or not, yogurt may be the beauty treatment you are looking for.

For your hands:  Heat up 1 tbsp. of honey or coconut oil in the microwave and add it to 1 cup of plain yogurt.  Soak your hands in the warm mixture for at least 15 minutes for smooth and supple skin.

For your feet:  Combine 1 cup of plain yogurt with 1 and a half tbsp. of brown sugar.  This is a great exfoliator for rough, dry heels and skin.

For your face:   Spread plain yogurt onto your face to tighten pores and cleanse your skin before rinsing with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.

For your scalp:  Do you suffer from dandruff and an itchy scalp?  Simply bring a container of plain yogurt into the shower and rub it into your wet hair and scalp and let sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.

Who knew yogurt had so many great uses?!

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella


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  1. what is a bigot says :

    Greeting from across the sea. detailed post I must return for more.

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