Best Beauty Finds for a Buck

Dollar Stores are a great way to save money on some of your favorite household items and toiletries.  But did you know they are also a great place to find some of your best beauty products?  For just a buck a piece, you can save money on popular, name-brand items.  So the next time you drive past your favorite dollar store, stop in and stock up on these great products:

Cottonballs-Great for removing eye make-up and applying astringent as part of your skin care routine.

Nail Polish-Why not stock up on some hot spring colors like a soft pink or a baby blue?

Whitening Toothpaste-You do not have to spend big bucks on toothpaste at your local drugstore.  Odds are, the dollar store will have the brand you are looking for.

Cold Cream-Dollar store brands include Ponds or Jergens Cold Cream.  Great for removing make-up and preventing wrinkles when applied at night.

Make-Up Remover Facial Cloths-These can be be upwards of $4 dollars a pack at some stores.  At just a buck apiece, you can purchase several packs at once.

Dove Beauty Bar-This is my favorite brand of soap for body and face.  It’s very moisturizing for my dry skin.

Cocoa Butter Body Cream-A perfect way to get get your skin baby soft and smooth for short dresses and skirts.

Petroleum Jelly-Apply a thick layer of this stuff on your feet and heels every night then slide on a pair of plush cotton socks. Your feet will be sandal and wedge heel ready for your hot spring and summer outfits.

Shampoos and Conditioners-Why spend money on some of the expensive brands when you don’t have to?

I’m sure this list could go on and on.  If you have purchased some interesting beauty finds at the dollar store, please share!

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella


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