Three Great Uses for Olive Oil

Olive Oil is nature’s wonder beauty secret. It’ chock full of Vitamins A, E, and essential fatty acids. It’s no secret then, that olive oil provides penetrating moisturizing benefits to dry skin. But its uses don’t stop there. Now that we are heading into the summer months, consider these great ways to use Olive Oil all over your body.  Oh, for those of you who were wondering…. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is always the best.  Yes, it can be pricey but it’s so worth it!

A Natural Shaving Cream

Before you put on those short shorts or slide into that skimpy bikini, make your legs silky smooth with olive oil. By using olive oil to shave you will receive a clean cut and extremely smooth skin. This will also eliminate your chances of cuts and razor burn. Clean your legs before shaving, and DON’T wash your legs after shaving. By leaving the olive oil on your legs, after shaving, your legs will absorb, dry, and maintain smoothness. This will also help dry skin bumps disappear.

Bronze Tanner

Olive oil is a great supplement for the “non tanner.” I learned this secret one summer in the Caribbean.  Olive oil will help draw in sunrays needed for a healthy glow. Apply an even layer of olive oil onto your body, along with a layer of sunscreen, and soak in the sun. You can apply the olive oil with a paper towel, washrag, or cotton balls. Each of these will guarantee an all-over-coverage. Make sure you apply to the olive oil to dry skin and with a dry rag or towel.

CAUTION: As always, take precaution when sunbathing for a long period of time. Staying too long in the sun could cause: sunburn, blemish breakouts, and/or sun related cancers. To avoid these hazards, take at least a thirty minute break from tanning and go somewhere away from the sun.

Deep Conditioner

I am a big believer in olive oil for great hair. It adds luster, shine and strength. It’s also a great remedy for the frizzies on hot and humid summer days. The next time you have an hour of leisure time on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, treat yourself to a hydrating hot olive oil treatment.

Here is what you’ll need:

Olive oil



A clear conditioning cap (you buy a whole box of them at your local beauty supply store)

Wet your hair like you normally would before shampooing, but don’t shampoo it! Instead of putting shampoo and conditioner in your hair, put 1 cup of olive in your hair. Put on the conditioning cap and then wrap a hot bath towel around your head. Better yet, sit under a hooded hair dryer or heated cap if you have it. Allow the olive oil to sit for 60 minutes, or longer. Remove the bath towel and cap from your head, then shampoo and condition as normal.  Now allow your hair to air dry. Repeat this process at least once a week for silky, smooth hair.

Who knew olive oil had so many great uses ?!?

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella


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3 responses to “Three Great Uses for Olive Oil”

  1. Kia Taylor says :

    Great tips!

  2. Mai Ward says :

    Thanks! That was helpful.

  3. geff says :

    avacodo mask is the best fruit mask please try it

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