Summer Fruit Masks

Summer Fruit Masks  (Part One)

Fresh strawberries….juicy peaches and sweet mangos. Sounds like the makings of a tasty fruit salad, right?  But these can also be the ingredients of a homemade face mask. This is the time of the year when fresh summer fruits are at their delicious best.  Not only are they great for trimming your waistline but they are also a wonderful addition to your skin care routine. This summer, forgo expensive masks and skin treatments at your local day spa.  Instead, reach inside your refrigerator to create your own skin care products.

Strawberry Face Masks-Got Oily Skin?

Strawberry face masks are excellent for oily skin. Strawberries naturally contain salicylic acid, which helps to break down oil and fight breakouts. Begin by cutting the stems from the berries and washing the berries thoroughly. Puree them in a blender, or mash them well with a fork.  Add in the following ingredients to meet your specific skincare needs:

▪ Honey is a great antibacterial agent, and it works well to hydrate skin.

▪ A few drops of lemon juice will act as an astringent to help tone and tighten pores.

▪ Oats can be ground into a fine powder to make a heavier mask that will exfoliate and nourish skin.

▪ Cream, milk or yogurt all contain lactic acid which will leave you feeling soft, supple and hydrated.

Peach Face Masks-Need an exfoliant or a moisturizer?

Peaches are full of antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamins A and C, which are essential for good skin care. Choose soft, ripe peaches, but if only hard peaches are available, cook them before using them for your beauty face masks. Peel the skin, remove the pit, and puree the peach in a blender or food processor.  The peach will work as an exfoliant and moisturizer. Combine it with egg whites to tighten pores. Honey and oatmeal also enhance peach face masks to provide nourishment and protection. Add yogurt or milk to make a creamy mask that will hydrate dry, flaky skin.

Mango Face Masks-Got sunburn?

Mangos are exotic fruits that become more widely available during the summer season. They are rich in enzymes and minerals that are good for skin. The pulp has beta carotene, which the body uses to promote new cell growth. Mango face masks will cleanse, hydrate and protect your face. They will also soothe sunburned or irritated skin. Combine mango with honey to get an extra hydrating boost, or mix it with yogurt to exfoliate and moisturize.

You may choose to use all or only some of the ingredients. The beauty of making your own face masks is that you can adjust your recipe if it doesn’t work for you.

Stay turned for more ideas on great summer fruit masks!

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella


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