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DIY Hair Rinses

Rinses are great for your hair, especially in the hot and humid summer months.  Rinses help to restore your hair’s natural pH balance and they also help to remove product build-up.  Shampoos, conditioners and styling cremes can take a toll on your hair over time. Rinsing your hair on a daily basis will restore your hair back to its own healthy shine. Here are some great rinses you can great with just a few simple ingredients at home.
  • Tea Rinse: You can use a simple and economical hair rinse made purely of tea! Simply make tea as usual and then let it cool down before pouring over your hair. For this rinse, you can use any type of tea bag you like, such as orange pekoe, black tea, green tea, chamomile tea, or any other type of herbal tea you may prefer. After the rinse, put on a shower cap and then wrap your head with a towel for at least an hour. Savvy Brown recommends this rinse and says that she uses this tea rinse in place of a deep conditioning.
  • Beer: Yes, beer! Surprisingly, rinsing your hair with a flat beer about once a month can give your hair some added body and even shine. This is a good way to use up any beer you may have bought with the intention of drinking, but decided otherwise after tasting that first bottle.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: To soften your hair and remove product build-up, try rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar (ACV). Measure out 1/3 cup of ACV and mix with 1 quart distilled water. After doing your usual shampoo and conditioning regimen, rinse with the ACV mixture. You can also massage some of the vinegar into your scalp while you’re doing the rinse. Most curlies like to do a second rinse with cool water following the apple cider rinse, simply because vinegar doesn’t have the most pleasant smell. Courtesy of

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The Best (and most functional) Fashion apps

Who knew this seasons sexiest collections and fashion access was conveniently located in the palm of your hand. Digital runway show, one click shopping, and the detectives of fashion are all over the virtual world! I’ll admit it, when it comes to fashion, I’m APP-Happy!

I have collected 6 (six) of this seasons BEST apps for fashion and all things FAB! Continue to read this detailed recap of the hottest style, beauty, and fashion apps of the season combined with everything in between, including organizing your closet right from your smart device. Let’s get started…

Gucci Style:
*This app oozes Gucci’s excessively SEXY appeal! A mastered mix of Gucci Beats by DJ Mark Ronson sets the stage for this super chic app! Gucci Style allows you to view the latest collections and store listings.This app’s virtual fashion show invites you to feel like you are literally enjoying the collection in person… front row…with a dirty martini…in the company of A-List celebrities…all in the midst of serious swanky decor! Another thing I love about this app is you don’t have to be connected to Wi-Fi to enjoy it!

* iDress for Weather
‘What’s the weather?’ and ‘What do I wear?’ — two questions easily answered with this app. Have you ever had your mind made up about the perfect outfit to wear the next day? Then, you wake up in the morning to find thunderstorms or extreme humidity? With the help of iDress for Weather you can plan that fabulous outfit with the rain, humidity, sun or shine in mind. The best part of it all is that instead of making last minute wardrobe charges due to weather, you get to score an extra hour of sleep! Using iDress for Weather in advance to plan your wardrobe is an excellent fashion forecaster!

The ultimate closet organizer. Snap pics of your clothes and this app does the rest. If you were given a wardrobe tool guaranteed to save you time this would be it. Often times when searching for the perfect ensemble, you find yourself pulling look after look only to find a huge pile of clothes laying around. With Stylebook I can lay in bed or scroll my options at my desk and search my closet at the same time, find the perfect pieces, pull them out, and go. Stylebook is especially useful for finding a last minute evening apparel or a look for a quick business lunch on the go! Definitely a must have time saving app!

PopSugar Mobile: 
Keep up-to-date with all the latest celebrity fashion and beauty news. When at your wits with trying to decided what to wear, why not use a go-to app displaying celebrity fashion? Whether you are looking for a complete look or just searching for inspiration, PopSugar has it all. This app highlights what’s hot in celebrity fashion along with all the fashion trends of the season. Those features alone makes PopSugar the perfect go-to app to transform your individual looks into instant celebrity style.

Lucky At Your Service Digital Concierge 
*With the entire magazine devoted to shopping, one would only expect Lucky to have the most amazing shopping app around. The digital concierge lets you highlight their featured products,find where to discover them, check for its availability, and even place the items on hold for in-store same-day pickup. The apps description says it all! Talk about concierge and convenience, Lucky is most definitely at your service. While surfing the magazine you come across a must have dress, now you wonder how the heck do I get? This app conveniently provides the answer in the palm of your hands. Lucky At Your Service Digital Concierge app is a proven resource to get you what you want and when you want it!

* Luxury fashion on the go has never been this easy, thanks to Net-A-Porter’s app. This fashion application offers perfect browsing of the online retailer’s digital magazine, zoom in on specific detailing, and buy directly from your device. Lastly, the fashion insight and inventory are updated at least three times a week.

By Guest Blogger Sparkle Hyche

DIY Body Bronzer

There is nothing like having that sun-kissed, bronzed look during the summer time.  But you don’t have to sit for hours in the hot sun to get that that warm golden look everyone craves. You can create your own bronzer with a just a few simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Bronzers are a great way to enhance a natural skin tone or to accent an existing tan. So spare yourself the wrinkles and the sun damage by making your own brozer. I came across this wonderful DIY recipe that I’d like to share.

Here is what you will need:

Cinnamon or Cocoa Powder (depending on desired color)

Empty makeup case (try your local dollar store)


Essential Oil (something light like lavendar)

Cosmetic Brush

Pour both the cinnamon (or cocoa powder) and sugar directly into the case. The ratio of sugar to cinnamon is entirely up to you, depending on how light or dark you prefer your shade.

Mix together the two with your cosmetic brush.

Add a couple drops (just a couple) of your favorite essential oil, and mix in. This will bond the powders together, while imparting a delicious scent.

Sweep bronzer across your face, neck and shoulders for a warm and beautiful bronzed glow.

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