About BusyBellas


Your time is limited and you can’t afford to take any shortcuts on the way you look and feel.  Busybellas.com does all the hard work for you….so that you can focus on getting on with what matters most….you.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Busybellas is to offer a one stop review/referral resource for busy women who have limited time, energy and resources and want to look and feel good.  

Who are BusyBellas?

Women of all ethnic backgrounds and ages who are interested in looking good and staying young.  They are willing to invest the time, money and energy to do the research to find the best of the best.  They don’t want to take any chances on their looks and want first hand references, beyond just those from relatives and friends.  They have no problem spending a little extra money on a service, if they know it will be worth it.  They take much pride in their outer beauty and appearance.

Why BusyBellas?

Whether you are traveling for business or looking for the best kept secret in your local neighborhood, busybellas can be your personal virtual consumer review source.  Before you get that haircut, manicure or massage, why not do a little homework first?  Find our what people are saying about your hair stylist or nail technician before your invest your time, energy and most of all…your money!  With a few quick strokes on your keyboard, take the opportunity to know before you go…with the help from real people like you.  After all, if you are gonna pamper yourself…do it wisely.


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