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Aesthetician vs. Dermatologists-Which one is best for you?

The answer to that question really depends on your personal skin care needs.  Do you suffer from adult acne and light scaring?  Or do you want help in getting rid of those crows feet that came from nowhere? My skin care routine includes both an aesthetician and a dermatologist.  I love the way my skin looks and feels after a facial and I still suffer from a pesky pimple every now and then.  So..what’s the difference between these two skin care professionals and which one is best for you?

 Aestheticians are licensed skin care specialists. They are qualified to give facials, body or wax treatments. They are also great at giving product suggestions and advice on how  deal with your specific skin care concerns.  Some aestheticians work in medical or day spas while others may work in a dermatologists’ office as a supplemental service.

Dermatologists, on the other hand, have a medical degree and years of extensive training.  They specialize in hair, skin and nail issues.  Their treatments can include surgical and cosmetic medical procedures like laser treatments, botox/collagen injections or other services.  Dermatologists are qualified to deal with all types of skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles and skin cancer.  They are also able to write prescriptions, where as aestheticians are not.

If you have a specific skin care issue that needs medical attention, a dermatologist is the way to go. They have the medical training, experience and discernment needed to diagnose and treat potential problems and concerns.  However, if you are looking to maintain your current skin care routine or an alternative form of treatment, an aesthetician may be your answer.  You deserve to treat yourself to a facial from an aesthetician at least once or twice a year….more if you can afford it.  I actually think both professionals work well together in separate capacities.  Just do your homework to make sure you choose the right person for you.

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella


This is just not working out (How to break up with your hairstylist)

Last week, I talked about how the relationship with your hair stylist can often mirror the relationship with your significant other.  You need honesty, communication and trust in order for both relationships to be successful.   But what if it doesn’t work out the way you planned?   How can you end that relationship tactfully and painlessly?  That may not be the easiest thing to do, especially if you end up seeing someone else right down the street or even in the same beauty shop or salon!

Well first of all, treat it just like you would any other break up.  Have a conversation. Explain that you want to talk….and schedule sometime in between his or her appointments or at the beginning or end of the day.  If possible, do it privately and not in front of everyone else in the shop.  Spare him or her the embarrassment.

Secondly, .Be up front, honest and direct.  State that you will be moving on to someone else and that you wanted to be the first person to let him or her know.  If you feel comfortable, you can even explain why the relationship is no longer working for you.  If it makes it a little easier, use the old tried and true favorite line:  “It’s not you, It’s me.  I am the one who’s changed”. LOL

Finally, Be nice and end things on a good note.  Write a thank you not for his or her years of service.  Maybe (if you feel like really being nice), send your stylist a nice bouquet of flowers to show your appreciation. The last thing you want to do is burn bridges.  Who knows, you may need your stylist for a hair emergency in the future.  It’s always good to have a back up list!

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella