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Waxing vs. Threading

So, I was having a conversation with my girlfriend, Lisa,  the other day about the benefits of waxing vs threading. Lisa is a make-up artist and owner of ABC Cosmetics.  She’s learning how to thread eyebrows and we were discussing why it’s such a better alternative to waxing.  I’ve been threading my eyebrows for several years now, although not consistently.  My threader is 20 minutes away, which isn’t convenient for last minute touch-ups.  Anywho, now that threading is becoming more and more common, I suspect that will change in the near future.

Waxing, just as the name suggests, uses hot wax applied to the skin to remove unwanted hair.  It is quick and relatively painless and is usually the preferred method over plucking and shaving.  The problem, however, is that waxing can lead to skin irritations.  People with sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction to the wax.  Certain topicals, like Retin-A, can also make your skin ultra-sensitive.  I found that out the hard way a couple of years ago.  I forgot  I used Retin-A around my eyes the night before I got my eyebrows waxed.  The wax ripped off a layer of skin underneath my eyebrows!  Ugh…it was an eyesore (no pun intended) for a couple of weeks!  😦  If you are on a skin regimen from your dermatologist, check to make sure if it’s okay to use wax on your face.

Threading, on the other hand, involves less contact with the skin.  It is an ancient hair removal method, used for years in the Middle East and Asia.  A cotton thread is used to pull unwanted hair in a twisting motion.  Like waxing it is quicker than traditional tweezing or shaving.  But unlike waxing, it’s great for people with sensitive, delicate skin. Plus, the results last longer because threading pulls the hair right out of the follicle.  Some people may find threading a little uncomfortable at first.  But I don’t think it hurts any more than waxing.  The more you thread, the more comfortable you become with it.  The price is comparable to waxing, depending on where you go. Here are some general prices:

• Eyebrow (both eyebrows, including in-between) $12 – $50

• Lip (skin right above upper lip) $6 – $20

• Full Face $35 – $60

• Chin $6 – $15

Threading is generally done only on the face. Which method do you prefer, threading or waxing?  Why?

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella