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What’s In Your ‘Poo ?

You may be washing your hair with it. You could even be watching your body with it. Cocamide DEA.  Does that look familiar to you? Take a look at the back label of your favorite shampoo or body wash.  Odds are, this harmful cancer causing chemical may be listed as one of the ingredients.

Back in May, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) reached the first-ever legal agreements with major companies, including Colgate Palmolive, Saks Inc., Walgreens and 23 others requiring the companies to end their use of the cancer-causing chemical cocamide DEA in shampoos and other personal care products. But more than 100 other companies have yet to resolve ongoing CEH litigation to end their use of the chemical. In addition, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics notes that there are more than 10,000 ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products, many of which are also linked to adverse health effects. In their new report, Safer Suds: Eliminating a Cancer-Causing Chemical in Shampoos and Soaps, the two groups are urging Congress to adopt federal legislation for safer cosmetics.

Beautycounter is taking a stand against harmful chemicals, like this one, in your everyday skin care and beauty products. We’ve banned more than 1500 ingredients, setting a new health and safety standard in the industry. Our products and cosmetics not only look and feel good but they are also good for your body. You take the time to read the label on your foods, why not do the same with your products you put on your skin?

To read more Beautycounter’s mission and how you can play a part, go here:  https://busybellas.beautycounter.com/our-story.

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella


Coffee Beauty for the Face

Coffee Beauty for the Face

There’s nothing like waking up to a nice, hot fresh cup of coffee on a crisp, fall morning.  I like the smell and the taste more than anything, since coffee does nothing for my energy levels.  Even if you are not a coffee drinker, you can still take advantage of it’s beauty benefits for your skin and hair.  Read below for some great ideas on how to use coffee for your beauty needs.

Coffee Scrub

Coffee grounds can be used directly on your face and body as a natural scrub. The abrasive texture will scrub off any dull skin, leaving you with a glowing appearance. The caffeine will also act as an energizer for tired skin and puffy eyes, leaving you with a tightened and youthful look. For a stronger scrub, add sugar to your coffee grounds. You can also mix in some olive oil for a moisture boost.

Coffee for Anti-Aging

Not only does coffee awaken skin, the caffeine has also been shown to improve the appearance of cellulite. There are many expensive cellulite reducing products that contain caffeine, but you can easily create your own at home.

Mix two parts coffee grounds with one part water, and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Use a wash cloth or skin brush to massage the mixture onto skin in a circular motion. The tea tree oil will smell great and will add an additional boost to the circulatory system. While the effects may not be instantaneous, you will see smoother and tighter skin over time.

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella

DIY Body Bronzer

There is nothing like having that sun-kissed, bronzed look during the summer time.  But you don’t have to sit for hours in the hot sun to get that that warm golden look everyone craves. You can create your own bronzer with a just a few simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Bronzers are a great way to enhance a natural skin tone or to accent an existing tan. So spare yourself the wrinkles and the sun damage by making your own brozer. I came across this wonderful DIY recipe that I’d like to share.

Here is what you will need:

Cinnamon or Cocoa Powder (depending on desired color)

Empty makeup case (try your local dollar store)


Essential Oil (something light like lavendar)

Cosmetic Brush

Pour both the cinnamon (or cocoa powder) and sugar directly into the case. The ratio of sugar to cinnamon is entirely up to you, depending on how light or dark you prefer your shade.

Mix together the two with your cosmetic brush.

Add a couple drops (just a couple) of your favorite essential oil, and mix in. This will bond the powders together, while imparting a delicious scent.

Sweep bronzer across your face, neck and shoulders for a warm and beautiful bronzed glow.

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella

DIY Makeup

I am the worst when it comes to buying makeup.  As I mentioned before, I can be somewhat of a product junkie.  The same applies to makeup.  If it’s a new color, a new product or a new trend, I gotta have it.  I know I spend way too much money on needless makeup, which is the main reason why I decided to write this post.  You can create your own makeup products with the help of a few ingredients in your kitchen.  If you are willing to make the time and a little effort, you can save yourself some bucks in the long run.

Eye-Lash Primer

It seems the “in” thing these days are longer, fuller eyelashes.  If you don’t have them naturally, you can buy them, or spend the money it takes to grow them with products like ‘Latisse’.  Or…you can whip out some olive oil, castor or baby oil and grow them yourself.  Just take a small mascara wand (you can buy them at a beauty supply store or get a couple disposables from the make-up counter at your nearest department store) or a q-tip and saturate it with the oil of your choice.  Sweep over your lashes for a natural long-lash look.  Bonus:  Castor Oil has been proven to promote long, healthy and fuller looking eye lashes.

Lip Gloss

Don’t want to spend the money on an over priced tube of lip gloss?  Try this lip gloss recipe on for size, courtesy of The Herb Companion.

Mix 1 teaspoon of fresh aloe vera gel (you can buy aloe vera gel in health food stores) with 1/2 of a teaspoon of coconut oil and 1/8 of a teaspoon of vitamin E oil.

Simply mix them all together until smooth, then pour into a clean container. You can use the mixture as soon as you’d like to.

You can make this a little more custom though, if you want. If you want colored lip gloss, mix in a tiny bit of your favorite lipstick (you may need to heat the mixture slightly so the lipstick melts and mixes right.) If you want flavored or scented lip gloss, add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil.

A few ideas:

– Mint oil has a great fresh, invigorating scent that has been shown to help increase energy.

– Lavender oil is a lovely, soothing floral woodsy scent.

– Lemon verbena oil has a great, invigorating, lemony scent.

-Rose oil is floral and feminine.

Experiment with the oils, colors and scents to find the right combination for you!

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella

Lemon Beauty Recipes

Lemons are a refreshing way to spice up your beauty routine this summer. Not only are they great detoxifiers and toners for your skin, but they also offer great benefits for your nails, hands and feet.


Start your morning off right with as piping hot cup of hot water, lemon juice and honey. It’s a great way to rid your body of unwanted toxins from the day before.


1. 2 tablespoons honey.  Any organic brand.

2. 4 teaspoons lemon juice.  Freshly squeezed is best, but you can use bottled juice.

3. 3 teaspoons plain Greek yogurt

4. 1 egg white

The citric acid in lemons has natural lightening and exfoliating properties that help fade remaining acne marks. The egg white helps boost your skin’s ability to protect itself, and honey serves as an antibacterial agent and humectant that soothes and hydrates skin. In no particular order, combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and whisk them until the consistency thickens. Apply a tablespoon or two of the mask onto your clean, dry skin (enough to coat your face) and let it set for 15 minutes. Gently wash the mask off with warm water and pat dry. This recipe yields eight applications.


1. 1/2 cup granulated sugar. Raw or brown sugar with larger granules works too.

2. 2 tablespoons almond oil. You can also substitute apricot, olive, or jojoba oil.

3. Juice of half a lemon.

4. OPTIONAL: 3 drops lavender, mint, or rosemary essential oil.

This easy-to-make scrub is perfect for tired hands, feet, elbows, and even knees. In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients and immediately massage the mixture onto hands or feet. You can add a few drops of lavender, mint, or rosemary oil to invigorate and refresh. Rinse off with warm water, then slather on your favorite lotion for extra moisture.


1 ripe lemon, cut in half

Small plastic ziplock bag

Prolonged sun exposure and long wearing nail polish can turn your nails yellow over time. To brighten your nails and reduce yellowing, first cut a ripe lemon in half. Squish the tips of your fingers into one half of the lemon and massage it on your fingers for two minutes. Store the lemons in a plastic ziplock bag and repeat this technique on every nail for five to seven days (try it on your toes, too!). After a week, you’ll notice whiter, cleaner nails.

So the next time you reach for that pitcher of ice cold lemonade this summer, make sure you save the lemons for later!

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella

Courtesy of BeautyLish

Three Great Uses for Olive Oil

Olive Oil is nature’s wonder beauty secret. It’ chock full of Vitamins A, E, and essential fatty acids. It’s no secret then, that olive oil provides penetrating moisturizing benefits to dry skin. But its uses don’t stop there. Now that we are heading into the summer months, consider these great ways to use Olive Oil all over your body.  Oh, for those of you who were wondering…. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is always the best.  Yes, it can be pricey but it’s so worth it!

A Natural Shaving Cream

Before you put on those short shorts or slide into that skimpy bikini, make your legs silky smooth with olive oil. By using olive oil to shave you will receive a clean cut and extremely smooth skin. This will also eliminate your chances of cuts and razor burn. Clean your legs before shaving, and DON’T wash your legs after shaving. By leaving the olive oil on your legs, after shaving, your legs will absorb, dry, and maintain smoothness. This will also help dry skin bumps disappear.

Bronze Tanner

Olive oil is a great supplement for the “non tanner.” I learned this secret one summer in the Caribbean.  Olive oil will help draw in sunrays needed for a healthy glow. Apply an even layer of olive oil onto your body, along with a layer of sunscreen, and soak in the sun. You can apply the olive oil with a paper towel, washrag, or cotton balls. Each of these will guarantee an all-over-coverage. Make sure you apply to the olive oil to dry skin and with a dry rag or towel.

CAUTION: As always, take precaution when sunbathing for a long period of time. Staying too long in the sun could cause: sunburn, blemish breakouts, and/or sun related cancers. To avoid these hazards, take at least a thirty minute break from tanning and go somewhere away from the sun.

Deep Conditioner

I am a big believer in olive oil for great hair. It adds luster, shine and strength. It’s also a great remedy for the frizzies on hot and humid summer days. The next time you have an hour of leisure time on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, treat yourself to a hydrating hot olive oil treatment.

Here is what you’ll need:

Olive oil



A clear conditioning cap (you buy a whole box of them at your local beauty supply store)

Wet your hair like you normally would before shampooing, but don’t shampoo it! Instead of putting shampoo and conditioner in your hair, put 1 cup of olive in your hair. Put on the conditioning cap and then wrap a hot bath towel around your head. Better yet, sit under a hooded hair dryer or heated cap if you have it. Allow the olive oil to sit for 60 minutes, or longer. Remove the bath towel and cap from your head, then shampoo and condition as normal.  Now allow your hair to air dry. Repeat this process at least once a week for silky, smooth hair.

Who knew olive oil had so many great uses ?!?

Pamper Wisely,

The BusyBella

An Alternative to Acetone

Every two weeks I head to my local nail salon for my routine mani/pedi.  I love the hottest trends in colors for the spring and summer months.  But, because I use gel nail polish, I have to sit with my nails soaked in acetone during my pedicure in order to remove my old polish.  I can’t help but to wonder what this regular exposure to acetone is doing to my nails…as well as to my health. Acetone is very drying to your nails and cuticles.  Also, acetone can irritate your eyes and your skin.  So…I did a little research and found some natural alternatives to acetone.

Priti Natual Soy Nail Polish Remover:  This remover does not contain acetone, petroleum, or carcinogens – it is soy and corn based, containing ingredients from organic farm crops. Ingredients include: Natural Soybean Esters, Biodegradable Dibasic Esters, and Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil -which means it will not dry out your nails or cuticles.  This is save for to use with all brands of nail polish.

Priti NYC Natural Soy Polish Remover - Click to enlarge

2.  Eco-Easy Nail Polish Remover:  This is biodegradable, vegan, contains no synthetic or petrochemicals and removes even the toughest nail polish.  Ingredients include:  Ethyl lactate – from sugar betts, Glycerin, Water, Mentha spicata-spearmint leaft, Rosmarinus verbenone- rosemary.   Use this the same as you would any other nail polish remover.

Peacekeeper Cause-Metics Nail Polish Remover - 4 oz - Liquid

3.  Suncoat Natural Nail Polish Remover:  This alternative is also natural, biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic.  Ingredients include:  ethyl lactate (from corn fermentation), methyl soyate (from soya oil), vegetable glycerin, D-limonene (from orange).  This can be used with water-based nail polish as well as the conventional kinds.

click to see larger image

Have you tried any of these acetone alternatives?  If so, I’d love to read your reviews.

Pamper Wisely.

The BusyBella